Saturday, December 1, 2012


Mnet Asian Music Awards 2012
MAMA 2012 - Hong Kong - 30 November 2012

BIGBANG performed on MAMA! their performance is waited by everyone with the title Monster In Me by BIGBANG. the performance was quiet scary at the first but full of energy at the end. can you imagine, all the members of BIGBANG performed Crayon on stage together? perghhh. that was epic! Fantastic Baby was as awesome as always. full of energy and have made the crowds mesmerized. speechless. great job, guys!


Best Male Group
Best Male Artist - G-Dragon
Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer
Artist Of The Year

"With or without the beat, I'm wild and I'm young. They all been obsolete. Why so damn serious? Got yo girl delirious. I'm only 25 and got the world so curious. Is it cuz of my style or my flow is mysterious? King with them aces, I'm the best. Period."

click here for more pictures.

really 2012 is the year of BIGBANG! we are proud VIPs. 
congratulations, guys! :D

yours truly,


cik karmila said...

OMA !! g-drag0n w0n..just feel my 0bsessi0n..

hamizah adam said...

alahai. bestnye jadi student. senang je nak update blog. time tengok MAMA ni, menangis excited BIG BANG menang. lagi pulak si rambut merah ni naik ambil award. lepas tu buat performance pulak. TOP bukan bingu TOP dah, PINKY TOP. hahahaha. daesung sangat handsome pulak tiba tiba. macam warewolf yang handsome. ouuchh ! taeyang.. sila la tukar style rambut. :( [sorry] hehehe. si maknae jangan cakap laa, semmaaarttt ! apa apa pong, bias GD ! hehehe.

*tension dengar ELF jerit bila camera fokus kat suju. grrrr ~

Akif said...

cik karmila - yesss. VIP! :D

hamizah - aah. tau takpe. diorang sgt gempak seperti biasa. tapi tu la. Taeyang still the best dgn rambut mohawk dia. rambut skrg kureng sikit la kaann.


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