Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Canadian Accepts Islam

hari tu baca blog Azyan yang menceritakan pasal Islam.
yup. pasal orang yang bukan Islam yang baru memeluk Islam,
yang lebih bersyukur dengan nikmat Islam yang diberi,
dan lebih menghayati Islam dengan sebenarnya.

so saya pun bukak la video-video lain yang ada kat Youtube
dan saya terjumpa video ini

Another Canadian Accepts Islam

sebuah video yang diupload oleh Anotherexchristian.
apa yang menarik perhatian saya adalah komen-komen video tersebut.

seseorang telah bertanyakan ini:

"Honestly, this is just disgusting.. Why would you want to become something where the men dont even respect you as a woman? How low do you feel about yourself to want to be treated like you're not human by a man.? Seriously. I'd like to hear ANYONES reply on this."
dan jawapannya:

"You have a Western view of Islam. I used to be the same way when my opinions were formed by T.V. and Western media. The West thinks all Muslim women are oppressed and the East thinks all Wester women are whores but these views are only carried by the most un-informed people on both sides. Islam teaches women to be valued for their mind not their body the cosmetic and fashion industries in America which are mostly ran by men define womanhood by sex appeal not by esteem."

yup. exactly. Subhanallah.

yours truly,

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