Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Flashback

yup. 2010

sudah mahu berlalu pergi. fuuh. kejap je masa berlalu kan.
macam2 perkara berlaku pada tahun ni. ada pahit ada manis.
so jom flashback balik. hmm.

1 January
- A Story Of An Akif was born
- Akif Shukri facebook account was created

4 January
got my C510. still with me. and still fine. :)

1 March
fly to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

7 March
to Mecca :)

11 March
result SPM keluar!

20 March
to Medina :)

18 April
result Matrikulasi keluar

22 April
return to Malaysia
after about 2 months

3 May
result UPU keluar

23 May
entering CFS IIUM, PJ

5 June

a Contract was signed
between Akif and Hafiz :P

12 June
Abg Aman & Kak Aida's wedding

26 June
stucked at Shah Alam
heroga :)

4 July

10 July
where I won the bet. Azyan lose. haha.
yup. where two old friends met up again :)

17 July
family returned to Malaysia from Jeddah & UK

23 July
Mid-Sem Exam - Sem 1

31 July
Sunway Piramid
where all friends gathered :)

1 August
to Desa Water Park
with my goup members
best2. haha.

7 August
where my beloved laptop was bought
and also my Maxis broadband

10 August
Ramadhan Kareem :)

14 August
to i-City :)

21 August
- to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah
visited ayahanda terchenta
- our music video was filmed

22 August

last meeting with Azyan & Lek2
before they fly. huhu.

25 August
Fardhu Ain Camp

26 August
PRESSS Iftar Jamai'e

31 August

4 September

9 September
birthday boy :)

10 September
Selamat Hari Raya!

18 September
Azyan & Lek2 suda fly ke Mesir.
all the best to them. huhu.

19 September
Final Exam - Sem 1

27 September
Final Sem 1 break!

8 October
got my license. at last. :)

22 October
got my final result for Sem 1

25 October
- starting of 2nd sem
- Discovery Week

30 October

5 November
Mini Sports Carnival

8 November

13 November
Paintball! :)

17 November
Salam Aidiladha

27 November
HP7 beramai-ramai :)

7 December
PRESSS Career Talk

11 December

Jamuan Persaraan Puan Norhizan;

12 December
Family Gathering :)

16 December
Mid Sem Exam - Sem 2

24 December

Steamboat Buffet
with group members

25 December
Mid Sem Break - Sem 2


that's it. ada sedih ada happy. kan?
it's a nice year overall. yes. I've learned many things.

so can wait for this new year;

hope it will be a better year for all of us :)

yours truly,

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