Wednesday, October 6, 2010



hey. do you know?
sometimes there are certain people;
who always laugh at other people;
they wanna be perfect ;
even though they know they won't;

they tell everyone they're beautiful;
others are ugly for them;
why do they think so?
to cover their 'not-beautiful-ness'?

they tell everyone they're smart;
others are not as smart as them;
why? to cover their dumbness?

cause they think they're 'perfect'
they want everyone to be as 'perfect' as them;
how could that happen? don't they know?
nobody's perfect

Thought 2

when your heart speaks
and you're confused
with your own feelings
you don't find any best ways

there must be a right way
do not hesitate
you've learned. you've seen.
yup. with us.

be sincere.
don't follow your lust
it's horrible. really.

it ain't a crime
but your way makes a thought
the same thought to everybody
we wanna help you, friend

friend. I'm here.
share. spill. settle. together.

Note to MYSELF

ok. Akif. you're not perfect.
so please realize that.
admit your imperfection and mistakes

being nice to the people you don't like isn't called two faced;
it's called growing up.
yup. it's true.

respect people and you'll be respected.
copy that.

mcm yg Hlovate ckp;

We'll never reach perfection
because there's always
room for improvement.
Along the way to perfection,
we'll learn to get better

aku suka quote yg ini. :)

lgpn pnah dgr org ckp;

"your imperfection makes others perfect"

itu laa yg terbaekk. hehe.

but sentiasa igt weh;

Setiap orang yang menegur pasti
sedia juga ditegur.

Ramai yang tidak mampu lakukan ini.
Hanya suka menegur tetapi
tidak pula suka ditegur.
Sebab itu penting apabila menegur
isyaratkan terlebih dahulu,
teguran itu adalah terlebih dahulu
untuk diri sendiri.

note that, mind. copy that, heart. fuuh.

yours truly,

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