Tuesday, October 19, 2010


one week before a new semester
everything must be settled
alhamdulillah. it's going fine.

Saturday. maybe there will be a match.
against Golfview FC or Arowana FC.
i don't know. let them decide.

"well, there will be a little awkward here and there
but when it neutralizes between you both, then you'll be best friends again.

its like maybe you may need to go on different roads,
but in the end you'll meet again and pick up where you left of as best friends :]

idea. inspiration. thanks, old friend. :)


nice date huh? result will come out
i'm just praying to Him. He Who Has my soul in His Hand
hope for the best. insyaAllah.

kaze ni kakikesareteyuku

yours truly,


luvly mya said...

good luck for ur result akif :)

Akif said...

yea. thx. :)


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