Monday, February 1, 2010

Tag Tag

I'm tagged again. but this time is from Mya.
sorry for answering late. been bz this few days.
anyway, thx Mya. :))

1)where is ur cellphone..

beside me. no msg. no misscall.

2) Relationship?

I'm more to friendship

3) Your hair?
(well, you can refer my pic, if you want)

4) Work?

nah. just do my usual work/hobby without any payment

5) Your sisters?

one elder. one younger.

6) Your favorite thing?

PC and internet

7) Your dream last night?

erm? I can't remember

8) Your favorite drink?

i dun have one actually. any drink's great.

9) Your dream car?

haha. never think about it yet.

10) Your shoes?

3 pairs. white, blue, green.

11) Your fears?

Allah and His punishments

12) What do you want to be in 10 years?

success in life. study, work, marriage.

13) Who did you hang out with last weekend?

my family

14) What are you not good at?

public speaking

15) One of your wish list items?

my own nice car. haha.

16) Where you grew up?

Penang! Pearl of The Orient.

17) Last thing you did?

drive to D Lima, buying Maggi

18) What are you wearing?

Chelsea jersey

19) What aren’t you wearing?


20) Your pet?

I dun have one

21) Your computer?


22) Your life?


23) Missing?

yeah. LI Crew and hostel life

24) What are you thinking about right now?

what to eat. i'm hungry.

25) Your car?

I have?

26) Your kitchen?

just fine. perhaps.

27) Your favorite color?


28) Last time you laughed?

with my younger sister

29) Last time you cried?

erm. i can't remember.

30) Love?

Love end up with marriage

31) So who wants to share their ONEs?? How about?

Is it needed?

haha. what else can i say? duh.

p/s: KOG 2008 yg bola tampar Khalid menang tu Amar Zaim pn ade gak dlm team. die pn jd hero la gak. haha. amacam, Amar? puas hati? :P

p/s lg: ssape nk tgk video batch msa jamuan tu angkat tangan! haha.

yours truly,

1 comment:

luvly mya said...

aha..thanx la akif merajinkan diri wat tag nie..hehe=)


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